Kalaa Art & Design

Kalaa Art & Design studio aims to develop a unique artistic voice, unlocking freedom of self-expression, and Designing. Extracurricular activities in the arts and Fashion design can show colleges and universities that you are well rounded and understand the value of the arts in society. Creative pursuits can be very rewarding and even stress-reducing throughout your academic journey.


Kalaa Art & Design

More and more schools are looking into hand dexterity abilities apart from your perfect score in your academia. For many, it would be a place to sharpen their artistic creativity, but for many others “Kalaa” would be a moderator to bring out a hidden artist or designing ability from within in an unexpected way in which they were oblivious about so far! It provides a field to nurture an ability to become efficient in certain skills that require high precision, hand-eye coordination, and application of fine motor skills.

Studio Overview

Art and Design class emphasizes four different facets of art and design classes in a small group setting, that also allows for peer-to-peer learning experiences.
The Art curriculum is designed to give an understanding of the Appreciation of art and building skills gradually. Starting from fundamental techniques to gradually progressing towards more difficult materials and techniques to harness and fundamentals to absorb.

The Fashion & Textiles Design curriculum is designed to give fundamental skills of fashion Design viz;  sewing, sketching, embroidery, hand stitches, etc. Starting from fundamental techniques to gradually progressing towards Garment designing and development is the focus of the program.
The curriculum gradually evolves as per student’s interests, natural tendencies & talents.

In-house Art Exhibition Services
Kalaa artists enjoy opportunities to organize and present art shows as formal public exhibitions, including opening receptions and public talks. This service is provided to currently enrolled students and alumni. Kalaa organizes the annual art and design Exhibition for all the students to get the experience and pride in their achievement.

Art Contests
Kalaa artists are provided various opportunities to participate and present their artwork or Design concepts to various local, national, and international contests.

Art Blog 
Kalaa artists are provided a digital platform to publish their narrative skills through blogs. I would love to encourage and would like to publish an art blog authored by kids talking about their artwork, critique, and inspiration.  The blog is published on the website and is a good way for creative minds to express their understanding of the art and the process involved in creating their work. It is an integrated and holistic approach to skill development that showcases their creative literary abilities interjected with art.

Art & Fashion Design Portfolio 
We can help students prepare effectively portraying their multi-dimensions, for their college applications. At our studios, students can fully conceptualize and develop, both digital and hard-copy portfolios to enhance all college applications.

Let us know if your kid is interested in architecture, design, visual communication, graphic arts, fine arts, fashion, animation and gaming, liberal arts, Life science, Science, and/or engineering.*
This program emphasizes on our specialized, multi-year Portfolio Course.

Nidhi L Sharda, PhD

Founder & Creative Director

Being an educator, researcher, and mother, I strongly believe in the power of creative learning, especially in today’s digital world, where attention span is defined by the length of YouTube videos and creativity by the chatbox emoji icons. I promise that taking a moment and getting in tune with your inner self needs a headspace and holding a paintbrush or embroidery needle in your hand can be that magic wand for many.

Art & Design had been my love from my formative years. As a design professional, I loved to inculcate my teaching with creative exploration with a multitude of designs, influenced by traditional influence, crafts, flora, fauna. environment, culture, social, and political scenario.
I have spent 15 years of my career in the University teaching and Design Institute (National Institute of Fashion Technology) as Professor Design & Head of the Department.

I’m a Ph.D. from the University of Delhi, India, Faculty of Science in “Sustainable Dyes and its implementation on Crafts & Designs”.
I appreciate art and design forms with their innate beauty involving a Scientific and sustainable approach for better ecological models.
I have presented and published various research papers in natural dyes and Sustainable design in international journals and forums.