Kala Art and Design

The Three-Eyed Bridge

This is a painting of Ruby Hills. It was made by me. I painted this for my 2019 Kalaa Art and Design Exhibition. Theme for this was “My City My Home” I chose this as this landscape shows beauty of my city, and my home which of course, is Pleasanton. That is why I decided to make this bridge. Just the water in itself symbolizes so much to me like the purity and the reflection. The texturing of the hills and the grass are another one of my favorite parts about my creation. To make a painting like this takes several days. You have to paint the blue over the whole canvas, then sketch out the hills and the bridge. Next, you have to texture the trees and hills. After this, you have to make the reflection of the trees and water wash the whole river part. Then add definition and clouds in the sky. This painting was hard work and took many days but I am proud of how it turned out. I was very happy when my art was displayed at an exhibition and hope to continue making many more great pieces of artwork.