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We strongly believe in the power of creative learning, and design thinking, especially in today’s digital world, where attention span is defined by the length of YouTube videos and creativity by the chat box emoji icons. More and more schools are looking into these abilities apart from your perfect score in your academia. At Kalaa You will get the opportunity to nurture this part of your persona and will help to engage the students creatively and refine their needed skills for the future.

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  • Hotpot Painting

Happiness is… Having Hot Pot

By- Vivian Gao, Senior 2023 Food has always brought people together, and my family is no exception. Family meals [...]

  • LGBTQ+ painting

Changing Our Wiring

By Saesha Sharda, Sophomore, 27 November 2021 Humanity does not have a lack of struggles, and nowadays chaos is [...]


Classes for all levels

Fundamentals of Art & Design (Age 5 to 8)

Fundamentals of Art & Design

Enhance and develop students’ creativity and observation ability. Overview and fundamental concepts of art and craft. Integration with real Science and Social concepts. Utilizing various art forms and materials. Understanding the concepts of elements and principals of art and design viz; point, lines, shapes, color, space etc.

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Drawing & Painting Techniques

Mentor students creatively and intellectually through a systematic and comprehensive visual art program, Development of creativity and techniques. Art Appreciation, Famous Artists art style Indian traditional art forms (Optional) Art on various mediums

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Portfolio Design & Exhibition

We help students prepare their art/ Design portfolio effectively, portraying their multi-dimensions, for their college applications. At our studio, students can fully conceptualize and develop, both digital and hard-copy portfolios to enhance all college applications. Development of portfolio in the area of their choice ( Textile/ Fashion/ Product) or collection of design and art for individual exhibition.

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Orientation of Fashion & Textiles Design

Overview of Fashion & Textiles Design
Surface Design ( Hand Embriodery/ fabric painting/ hand Printing/ Fabric Manipulation)
Fashion Illustration
Indian Traditional Textiles (optional)
Techniques of Pattern Development.
Mood Board/ Design Development

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Fashion Design Classes

Painting Retreats for Adults

Come and join me to be part of this beautiful journey where we would explore a new dimension of our personality
together by getting in this beautiful word of paints, brushes, canvas, and dreams.
Let’s strengthen our minds by letting our fingers follow the guidance from our hearts and mind together.
Let’s find out how much more beautiful this World can be just by adding a dash of paint in that blank canvas!

Hobbyists, amateurs & professionals are welcome.