Course Duration & Fees

Fashion Design-Art School


Time/ Week


Foundation, Art 50 minutes $100/
Intermediate 1 1 Hour $110/
Intermediate 2 1 Hour $125/
Advanced 1.5 Hours $150/
Art Portfolio (High School) 2 Hours $200/
Foundation, Fashion Design (Hand Embroidery &  Simple Garment) 1 Hour $130/
Intermediate Fashion Design (Illustration/   Pattern DesignGarment Construction techniques) 1 Hour $150/
Adv Fashion/Textiles Design ( Design Portfolio) 2 Hours $210/
4 Weeks Module for Adults 1 Hour $150/

* One-time registration fee – $30.00

Please read the General Policy & Information.

You will find lots of answers to your inquiries in the FAQ 

Please Note

  1. Course Fees are structured as per class level View class levels and duration and are payable every month. 
  2. We request you, pay the fees as per the student’s level in the first week of the month with reference to the student’s name. Payment can be made via Zelle/ Venmo/ Paypal/Check.
  3. We provide all the art materials to all students who have registered for the studio classes.
  4. For Fashion Designing classes- students’ machines, drafting tools, and pattern-making supplies will be provided for the class. For apparel, Projects students will bring their sewing supplies and material.
  5. The studio will be closed during Summer vacation for one month, Winter vacation for 2 weeks.
  6. The studio will be closed on a few National holidays and makeup classes will not be given on account of these holidays, as in lots of months there are 5 weeks with the same monthly fees.
  7. Fees will not be adjusted in account of absence/ leave, however, students enrolled in a regular session can enjoy up to two make-up classes against their leave, the make-ups must be booked and fulfilled within the current session, and make-ups will not be honored after the term ends.
  8. If for some reason a student is going on planned vacation fees will be adjusted accordingly.
  9. Please read the general information and other regulations under Studio Policy. (Policy)

The Two Member Family Discount
Any two family members registered as Student Members from the same household will receive a 5% discount to each of their tuition bills.

The Three or More Member Family Discount
If three or more family members from the same household attend each family member receives a 5% tuition discount to his or her account.

Teen Staff Member Discount
All Teen Staff Members will receive a 15% discount on their tuition bills. To receive this discount, the Teen Staff Members, including Volunteers, must work at least three hours per week.