What type of studio are you?
The Kalaa Art & Design is a classical teaching studio, not a recreational facility. The only admissions requirement is willing to learn with enjoyment and enthusiasm. We teach the craft traditions (long-standing ideas, theories, techniques, and methods) of over 10 different media in the visual arts, covering both Western and Asian traditions. Our students excel in all the core aspects of any of the media they explore with us.  We focus on giving students both Art learning and Art creation.

How big are your classes?
Approximately five or less for Art and painting classes, allotted by age group.

Group of four for Fashion Design

What will I do in my studio training?
You will learn in a small group of students in your age group, Your current work is always based on skills-building and creative thinking. Each course has its syllabus, and each syllabus carries at least two levels of advancement. It may take a teen or adult anywhere from 5 months to a year to cross from one level of advancement to the next; it all depends on the time you may devote to it. Children will work more slowly. Most students of all ages will begin with Drawing, which includes color theory, brushwork, many different work surfaces, and a total of more than 10 different media!

How long is any given course?

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Do I need prior experience?
No. You need the will to learn, and the desire to appreciate your skills. We will mentor both beginners and more experienced students. We emphasize the use of traditional techniques, tools, and methods in new and creative ways. Our objective is that studio skills become life-skills in seeing and knowing, problem-solving, self-confidence, respect, and appreciating beauty as such and using designs to add dimension to your profile and lifestyle.

Do you teach Adults? Who do you teach?
Kalaa students come from all walks of life, and bring an enormous amount of knowledge to bear on our studio practice! Our adult students include Engineers, an economist, CPAs, Physicist, as well as others serving as computer software designers, interior decorators, psychologists, homemakers, grad students, school teachers, and office administrators, to list a few.

What are the fees? And what is a Session?
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How do I pay for classes?
Kalaa accepts Check and online payments via google pay, Venmo, Zelle, or Paypal.

What happens if I miss a regularly scheduled class?
A student enrolled in a regular session can enjoy up to two make-up classes; the make-ups must be booked and fulfilled within the current session; make-ups will not be honored after the Session ends.

Where do I park?
Limited roadside car parking is available. Kalaa does not accommodate class-time traffic. During class times, please park close by, on our neighboring side streets, All drop-offs must take place in a legal parking zone

Do you also provide supplies?
We provide all the art supplies needed for the class. (Included in registration fees)

For the Fashion Design course, we provide machines for sewing projects and drafting supplies. Sewing fabric and materials for garment construction, the student has to buy on their own.