Meet our creative wizards! They can take any idea you have, put it on paper, and then make it infinitely better. A skilled, friendly, and incredibly talented people, our instructors breathe color into Kalaa Art & Design Collective. Get to know their talents, their experience, and their hobbies.

Dr. Nidhi Sharda

Founder & Creative Director

Dr. Nidhi L Sharda is the Founder of Kala Art & Design Studio, Pleasanton, California, and is Visual Art and Design Educator and Researcher…

Dr.Richa Jakhmola

Crochet & Knitting Designer

Dr. Richa is a hobbyist knitter and Crochet artist. Doctor by profession she has been knitting and doing Crochet for nearly 20 years. ….

Sindu Karun

Art Teacher

Sindu completed her Masters’s in Cellular & Microbiology. She is an avid painter and an experienced

Saesha Sharda

Teaching Assistant

Junior at Amador Valley Highschool, Saesha is mentored in art and Fashion Designing under the guidance of Dr. Sharda for more than seven years…

Vivian Gao

Teaching Assistant

Senior at Quarry Lane Highschool, Vivian is mentored in art under the guidance of
Dr. Sharda for advanced art &

Nishta Pal

Teaching Assistant

Freshman college student, Nishta has done art with Dr. Sharda for more than 7 years. Currently, she is majoring in Visual Design and Computer Science…