Kala Art and Design



Kalaa Art & Design provides visual arts certificates with affiliation to Vedic wellness University, Florida. Vedic Wellness University has its Academic roots in Ancient wisdom from all Cultures and Traditions and is Registered under Florida Education Department in the USA.

This certificate course will allow the students to build upon the visual art education they already have and expand their skillset without having to start over with a new program. Certifications are designated credentials earned by a student to verify their legitimacy and competence in the field.

This program specifically is an attempt to create awareness and provide experiences that aid social, ethical, and aesthetic development. Art education cultivates the whole personality building intuition, reasoning, imagination, and dexterity into unique forms of expression and communication. This certificate program also focuses on honing the art skills of the most incredible pieces of Indian folk art and helping revive this beautiful art form and pass it on to the next generation. Visual Art & Design Certification has three levels.

Kalaa Students may choose a specialized focus of Traditional Art / Textile/Costume Design of India as per their choice, provided by the studio for final submission and documentation.

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