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Journey of my comic art

By Arjun Anand

8th grade

As a kid, I liked to watch superhero movies like The Avengers and Justice League. I liked seeing the superheroes fly around and run faster than the speed of light. These movies started my love for superheroes, which has continued to this day. As I grew up, I started reading comic books related to superheroes. I saw the amazing art in these books and wanted to draw like that. I started learning to sketch the human anatomy and draw features. Now, that love has evolved into a skill I’m very proud of.


Comic books and comic art started in June 1938, when Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel had the idea to create a comic book about a man who could fly, shoot lasers, and wore a blue and red spandex suit. Thus, Superman was born! This influenced many artists and writers to create their own superheroes, which has evolved into one of the biggest industries in the world.


When I first started drawing, I used to mess up with the anatomy of a body a lot. I would accidentally leave a lot of components out or mess up a crucial part of the drawing. Now, when I draw, I know where to draw what. This can be shown in the drawings I have attached. The first drawing, which is The Wolverine from Marvel comics, is very substandard. It has minimal detail and no shading at all. The second drawing, which is The Flash from DC comics, has more details, looks more refined, and has a background, which makes it look a lot better. The second drawing is one that I’m very proud of, but I hope to improve my skills. 


For the first drawing, I pencilled the basic sketch. Then I used a black 0.1 inking pen to ink the drawing. Then I used markers to color the rest. As for the second drawing, it took a longer time and had a more complex process. As usual I pencilled the bsic sketch, the lightly drew in the details and features. Then, I used a black 0.4 inking pen to ink the basic pencils. Next, I went back and lightly shaded the drawing with a pencil, just to make sure I did the shading correctly. Then I inked the shading. Finally I colored in the entire drawing using markers and used a black marker to fill the background. 


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