Kala Art and Design


Creative Get togethers & Socials

Enjoy refreshment and wine & paint with your colleague, friends and family

Create your painting with enjoyable experience of time sharing with your fellows in creative manner under our supervision.

Discover unique together time with friends/ music and refreshment by your side!

It’s relaxing and fun!

No experience necessary and

Beginners are encouraged!

We bring ALL the supplies. We will guide you step by step and make you complete your painting in 2 hours. You go home with your artwork!

We offer “no art experience required” guided painting events that cater to diverse personality types and company cultures. Events are designed to be both refreshing and energizing.


Office parties / Social

Design a custom painting for your team!

It encourages the brain to work in new ways, stimulating creative thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Relaxing rejuvenating experience

We will provide aprons and supplies

Wine and refreshment will be provided

Music of your choice to set the tone

Trained artist to guide the painting

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