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Aurora, Magic of Colors

By- Aarav Singh

Today I am going to be talking about my artwork based on the Northern Lights, also known as an Aurora. This is the artwork that I did for the fourth week of July 2020, Yes while we all are shelter in place because of COVID 19 Pandemic. 

I found this artwork inspiring because it shows how beauty can be found anywhere, even in the desolate northern and southern poles. While doing this artwork I was reminded about how many otherworldly phenomena there are on earth. I feel like Auroras are something you have to see yourself to truly believe that they are real. An odd way I’ve thought about Auroras is that they’re like big neon markers that have been drawn in swirls around the sky.  

 Aurora is a natural light display typically found in high-latitude regions and is caused by disturbances in the magnetosphere from solar lights. Typically the magnetosphere keeps most solar lights out, but occasionally some solar lights get in. The atoms in the solar light get excited and once they reach a lower energy state they release a photon: light. These lights create an Aurora. Auroras come in many different colors including; blue, pink, purple, and red. Although Auroras come in all these colors they are most commonly green.

 Aurora’s are some of the most beautiful and fascinating occurrences in the world. I really enjoyed doing my Aurora project because of the beauty that it has to it and the simpleness. It was an easy project yet it was still alluring.  Aurora has always fascinated me and they continue to. 

For this Project I used Water colors splash and spread technique on paper.

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