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My Art experience with disability

By;Aashna Singh

In the month of July, my art class decided to do the art project for an international art competition as a disability project under VOSAP. I picked a blind girl with a service dog, the other kids who were in my art class, which was my brother and my cousin, did a color-blind person and a wheelchair person.

 I picked a service dog because I have a dog at home even though he’s not a service dog he is still part of the working dog category, sledding is not a connection with a service dog some people say but I say sledding is still a fine connection with a sledding dog.

I picked a blind girl because blind really has a thing to it, it makes lots of people think about how blind people think like so: what would a blind person see as their family or how do they read? And, how do they understand how to read if they can’t see? How can they learn? Blind people have tough lives.

When I was drawing this art project I found a connection. My favorite book series is called Wings Of Fire (WOF) a character from that got blind but learned how to fly dodge trees and know the whole RainWing kingdom. Of Course, it’s just a book. But learning how to do that is just so tough. 

At my old school, there were these dots that are called Braille. It is 3D and it’s a kind of language so at my school each classroom will have that to help the blind.

I felt happy when I submitted my artwork to VOSAP I knew I would never win considering how GOOD my brother was. But still, it was a good feeling to submit it.   

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