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Desert Landscape Watercolor Painting

By: Apoorva Kulshreshtha

For the month of September, we focused on landscape art work and watercolors. In the painting that I painted, there is a background of a desert with a silhouette of camel and some cacti. The drawing is of an evening sky with the sun that is setting. We learned about how to draw the basic outline of a camel and coloring a sky with watercolors.

My favorite part about this artwork was the camel. In 200 AD, camels started to be of use in the Sahara Desert. They carry goods across the Trans-Saharan trade routes. Most of them carried salt, cotton, tea, gold, etc. People used camels because they would dwell in harsh weather and stay without water and food for a long time. People who live in the desert rely on camels for their milk, meat, and fur. 

 For the artwork, we had to mix several colors to get the right colors of the sky. I am proud of how my painting turned out.

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