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Haunted Scene – Op Art

By Saira Siraj

This is a Halloween drawing which includes a headstone, haunted house, pumpkins, cemetery, bats, and a tree. On the floor of this artwork, I used an op art technique to create wave-like illusions. In the sky are shapes that are like petals and I colored them with warm colors, red, yellow and orange. The technique that is used in this, is called Op Art. Op Art is short for optical art. Op art is when something is drawn on a piece of paper or on canvas and it looks like it’s moving because their eyes are following the lines. Some famous Op art artists were Vincent Vasarely and Bridget Riley. 

We first started off by sketching out the haunted house and the main items, such as the tree and the bat. Then we outlined everything as in Sharpie and afterwards, I started making wavy lines on the floor for the optical illusion then we made curves in the waves. Then, I colored every other section to make an alternate pattern. Then, in the sky I made lots of petal shapes coming out of the moon and colored them in the pattern yellow, orange, and red. Then I colored in the windows of the Haunted House yellow and colored everything else in with Sharpie.

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