Kala Art and Design

Celebrating Colors with Mother Teresa

By Arjun Anand, Grade 8th Many people have heard of Mother Teresa. She was a nun who helped “the poorest of the poor.” She did so in Calcutta, India, for most of her life. Many admired her for her charitable work. The painting I made honors her, and the services she did in her lifetime.  […]

Village Scene, Warli Art

By, Minali Kancharla, Grade 7th The word Warli means a piece of land in the Varli language. Warli is a folk painting style native to India that mostly represents traditional everyday living and special events.  The Warli style uses geometrical designs to make the main body of the subjects, this is for humans and animals. […]

Periodt…! periods are not our weaknesses, but our strengths

By -Saesha Sharda, Grade 9th When I was a little girl, I was not really encouraged to talk about menstruation, especially in front of my older family members and relatives. Not only was I confused about why periods occur, but also why I wasn’t allowed to talk about it. Now that I’m older and know […]

Art for improving Hand Dexterity for Children

“The hands are the instruments of man’s intelligence”, – Maria Montessori. children’s dexterity is so important in their education and for their overall development. art has great role to play in this regard. Arts helps in refining hand dexterity help children develop their cognitive, social and motor abilities. Art plays major role in developing following […]

Pleasanton Landscape, My City My home

By Apoorva Kulshreshtha Pleasanton has many beauties. It has joyful downtown, the hiking trail called the Ridge, and a wonderful history. I painted a scene from the Ridge. It has trees and a trail. In my painting, there is a dusty pathway in the middle, trees in the distance and the front, some grass, and […]

We are all the Same

Saesha Sharda June 18, 2020 The recent movement of Black Lives Matter has shed light on many prejudices and racial biases. It is also June, pride month, which is a time to support LGBTQ+ individuals. This compelled me to take a stand and talk about it. I created an artwork that combines the two worlds […]

Traditional Art- Warli Painting

By Simi Tresa Originated by the Warli tribes from the Western Ghat of India, in 2500 BC, this one of the oldest art forms of India.  The idea of warli centred around the concept of Mother Nature and parts of nature. Farming was the main source of life for this tribe.  This art uses set […]

Storytelling by Art Inspired by Madhubani Folk Art of India

The beautiful thing about art is that it is universal. It has no language, no accent, and each piece of artwork tells a different story. Madhubani folk art is no exception as it is presented in a multitude of colors, mediums and most importantly, stories. Madhubani folk art originated in Bihar, India and is done […]

Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves

10 of the many skills children learn from art: 1. Creativity 2.Confidence 3.Problem-solving 4.Perseverance 5. Focus 6. Non-verbal communication 7. Receiving constructive feedback 8. Collaboration 9. Dedication 10. Accountability Arts education is a big part of building a 21st century creative mind, and I think that we have let way too many kids lose their […]

A Child’s Mind is not a Container

And just when this 10 year old said, I am not sure if I can paint!! she made her first wall painting which might look amateur to her as she travels more in this path, but sure would never be forgotten as it’s the first and it’s the prettiest and most importantly it is truly […]