Kala Art and Design

Pleasanton Landscape, My City My home

By Apoorva Kulshreshtha

Pleasanton has many beauties. It has joyful downtown, the hiking trail called the Ridge, and a wonderful history. I painted a scene from the Ridge. It has trees and a trail. In my painting, there is a dusty pathway in the middle, trees in the distance and the front, some grass, and bushes of a variety of color. My painting included a bit of stipiling for the tree leaves, bushes, and the trail. My painting took a short amount of time. It was also my first painting I made in Kaala Art and Design. It was for the 2019 Kalaa Art and Design Exhibition. I like this painting because it has many different techniques in it and it has nature in Pleasanton. This painting is inspired by the artist, Vincent van Gogh. He was famous for post impressionists and the painting “The Starry Night”. Van Gogh died in 1890. I really like his artworks since the colors express how he is feeling in the painting and he makes landscape and people in his own style. 

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