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Depicting Cubism with Water Colors

Saanvi Sharma

Cubism was first created by Pablo Piccaso and Georges Braque but other artists did take place in the creation of this 20th- century style and movement in art. Cubism is known as the most influential art movement of the 20th century because of how it inspired many related movements in literature, architecture and art. This amazing art style revolutionized European painting and sculpture, and one of the foremost influences that led to Cubism was the representation of three-dimensional forms on a canvas Cubism is supposed to show several different points of view in the rejection of a single viewpoint.It is called Cubism due to the fact that the sections made by random lines to separate the painting into different parts look like cubes and other geometrical shapes. 

My artwork is a horse in cubism, I first sketched a horse and then drew lines randomly across the page so there were different sections throughout the whole page. Last, for the horse I chose a combination of both warm and cool colors, yellow, green and blue. I used just cool colors for the background, consisting of pink and purple. Endmost, I filled in the different sections with different colors using watercolors.

I have made many different sketches and paintings of horses, but this horse that I have drawn in the style of cubism has a whole different meaning. Cubism had given me a different perspective on the world, just the simplest things such as an orange. One would normally see the rich orange color, with the thousands of tiny dimples embedded in it. And the shiny skin when the light is upon it, but walking around it, one will see different views of the whole orange. From front to back, and bottom to top, with the stem. In this case, the horse I drew is different colors, representing the varying shades of when you look at it from one side to another side.

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